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Feb 2016
Matt Holt
Feb 21 2016 05:23
For anyone who's looking for a more sophisticated ACME client (built on lego), I invite feedback on this project that, if time permits, I plan to begin working on:
Taco de Wolff
Feb 21 2016 08:52
@mholt Nice idea. Is there a reason this cannot be implemented in lego? I really like the idea of a daemon running for automatic renewal and bundle files for mass verification. I guess we have to wait for when non-80 and non-443 ports can be used, so it can run alongside apache. I could use the DNS method for that I guess.
Matt Holt
Feb 21 2016 16:08
Sure. And there are plans to implement a webroot solver if the port is already in use, so that it places a file in the root path your specify, rather than opening its own port 80.
Also a manual solver option will be available. (not with the daemon, though)
The reason lego probably won't have all these features is that the CLI tools is designed to just be very simple, mostly to test the CLI or wire up to a cron job.