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Repo info
    I am trying to use the python uiautomator for my native app automation
    i have got one code d(text=""+obj_1+"").right(text=""+obj_2+"").click()
    instead of click can i get status interms of true or false?
    i just wanted to check whether the object2 at the right of object 1 is present then only i can click object 2
    please suggest how to proceed?
    I am trying to get this working, I have setup everything as advised but each and every command is taking about a minute to respond. Is there anything I am doing wrong?
    Nicholas Borba
    I'm starting to use and study uiautomator I saw that here is a very quiet community but if you need some help to develop or figure out something count on me.
    Kranthi Kumar
    Have anybody tried it on Oreo device and is it working?
    Nicholas Borba
    I'll take a look on this @cranticumar
    Kranthi Kumar
    Thank you @nkborba_twitter
    Nicholas Borba
    @cranticumar I answered your question on stackoverflow, see if it helps :)
    Boniface Pereira
    Does uiautomator require root permissions ?
    I've been tried with a rooted phone that worked
    but does not work with a non rooted phone
    it gives the error, RPC server not started!
    Can someone please help
    Nicholas Borba
    @craftpip Hi, uiautomator does not require root permissions. Are you using windows? I have a friend who cannot run uiautomator on windows because the same error you're facing.
    I'm using linux, this error occured just once with me and after run "adb kill-server && adb start-server" this does not happened anymore
    Marcin Kozubala
    on start uiautomator tries to install own apk ("server") maybe you have unchecked "Install from unknown sources" or your phone prevents from running it.
    Nicholas Borba

    Hi xiaocong,

    I am trying to develop test for my Android devices Alert dialog, While trying for this the outcome of d.dump() don't show any change in the output if there is alert dialog (systemDialog) is on screen of not there on screen..where as I am able to detect(getting package name) that through command <adb shell "dumpsys window windows">. Can advise any way where I can get the Properties Table for alert dialog (systemDialog) through UI automator python wrapper??

    One more way I tried to find/detect the alert dialog (syatemDialog) is through Android studio (through Layout Inspector). In this case I can see the Properties Table for my systemDialog.

    Can you suggest some way? where I can find/read 'system_dialog_title' and 'system_dialog_message' text and can perform button operations(OK, YES, NO...) on the it through this python wrapper UIautomator??

    Denis Vitor
    @rohitkp it is not part of UI Automator wrapper, but have you tried the uiautomatorviewer? It is different from layout inspector on Android Studio.
    I'm thinking about your question and I remember myself having an issue using these tools to map a alert dialog. I don't remember getting this fixed, I believe I used some hardcoded workaround.

    Hi xiaocong,

    I am trying to simulate a drag and drop action using Python wrapper for UIAutomator and I see that there is a drag function which can be used but the problem is that it just drags the element to the other element but does not drop. Can you please help me on how can I implement the drag and drop action? TIA

    @xiaocong can you please help me with the above request?
    @xiaocong device = Device('emulator-5554')
    print(device.info),then the console hasn't any response? who can help me?
    Hi @xiaocong , i am trying to run UIautomator it was working fine but now its doesnt work. I have USB debugging ON device connected via USB, but it says RPC server not started! plese help me out