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  • Jan 30 2019 15:03

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    refactor type definition update document (compare)

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  • Jan 26 2019 09:26

    xinthink on master

    upgrade to android studio 3.3 (compare)

  • Jan 26 2019 07:36

    xinthink on master

    rewrite RadioButton in TS (compare)

  • Jan 26 2019 05:41

    xinthink on master

    upgrade eslint setting up typescript refactor Button, replaced build… and 7 more (compare)

  • Jan 26 2019 05:10

    xinthink on typescript

    rewrite Switch component in TS remove useless code (compare)

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    xinthink on typescript

    refactor Button, replaced build… (compare)

  • Dec 30 2018 02:04

    xinthink on typescript

    upgrade gradle and android stud… upgrade react-native upgrade eslint and 1 more (compare)

  • Dec 12 2018 01:31
    dotcom900825 commented #403
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  • Dec 12 2018 01:30
    dotcom900825 commented #403
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    dotcom900825 edited #403
Guys this demo app is not workin. Why ndk is necessary? New projects created from 'react-native init' doesn't force that.
@cablegunmaster I'm getting the same red box. did you discover a solution?
@xromad I am gonna recheck it never made time to recheck it.
@xromad I heard others had it and rebuild it and relinked it with rpnm and the box went gone (gonna check now myself).
Thanks @cablegunmaster! I was able to work past it by adding "react-native-material-kit": "github:xinthink/react-native-material-kit" to my package.json. Seems like pulling it from github is at the moment more useable than the npm versioned package... I don't remember which version, but I was pulling latest... I'll re-check shortly.
anyone around?
yep =) am now
@eranbes just ask questions. and see if people respond, this is the best way on any IRC Gitter IM or whatever channel. If people are willing to reply they will and otherwise they just don't.
Dan Jensen
Hi all, great work on react-native-material-kit. It makes apps look really great. I was wondering, if others are seeing warnings like this one:
2016-06-20 08:58:33.234 [warn][tid:main][RCTTextField.m:87] Error setting property 'text' of RCTTextField with tag #865: Native TextInput(fgghhjjggftttt) is 4 events ahead of JS - try to make your JS faster.
How do I extend style inline for button?
Hi all, I want to add inline style by merging with default style. How do I do that?
style inline extend?
you mean 2 styles upon each other? well styles={ [ stylenrUno, StyleNrduo ] } just add them as a array style.
is this what you meant? :)
Anand Dayalan
@cablegunmaster no, I mean to just override only some style of the default style in inline. For example, the ColorButton has some default style, I just want to change the bgcolor. Right now, if I do like the following code, the default style is gone, the button become perfect rectangle without curved edges and other default styles. I want to keep all the default style and just override only specific thing. In the code you showed above, you're passing the two style objects, what I'm asking something similar but one of them should represent the default style. const AccentColoredRaisedButton = MKButton.accentColoredButton()
.build(); <AccentColoredRaisedButton style={{backgroundColor="blue"}}>
<Text pointerEvents="none" BUTTON</Text>

@cablegunmaster I also tried this but doesn't retain the default style. <AccentColoredRaisedButton style={this.style, {backgroundColor="blue"}}>

<Text pointerEvents="none" BUTTON</Text>

Also, tried this style={this.props.style, {backgroundColor="blue"}}
Vladislav P
Hello, having difficulties migrating from RN 25 to 29 (I am android only sofar). If I look at RNMK demo android/app/build.gradle , It seems to indicate that one has to build the full react-native from source to use the demo app. Because it has dependencies {
compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
compile project(':ReactAndroid')
compile project(':RNMaterialKit')
is that the case, to use RnMK, I need to compile the whole react-native with CPP compiler ?

Hi guys !

I'm just trying to use the RNMK, but i got a little problem. I got this in the render function of one of my components (the home page) :
<ColoredRaisedButton onPress={() => this._navigate()}>
<Text pointerEvents="none" style={{color: 'white', fontWeight: 'bold',}}>
<ColoredRaisedButton onPress={() => this._navigatetogame()}>
<Text style={{color: 'white', fontWeight: 'bold',}}>Game API</Text>

This two buttons are quite cool, but on iOS only. When i'm trying to launch my android app, this same component don't work well since those two button are just unclickable (and btw bordered with a strange red line). I tried it on multiple devices, virtual or real ones, same problem.
I don't think i've saw anything in the README about that (but it's 4am so maybe it's just me).

Thanks in advance :)


Oh and just in case it can help, ColoredRaisedButton come from this :

const ColoredRaisedButton = MKButton.coloredButton()

Still don't know how to make it work on android :/

Ioannis Kokkinidis
@here Hey guys, please if any of you has any clue on how to get the correct font size in react-native Android please answer my question here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38325043/react-native-how-to-scale-font-size-to-support-many-different-resolutions-and-s
Ori Arditi
hi all. Any chance someone set up a mocha test around components using this library. It seems that as it's published to npm as ES6 (unbabeled) so mocha can't work with that.
Antoine Rousseau
hi guys, I was thinking, is the builder syntax really relevant? I don't see why it doesn't just stick to JSX
wouldn't it make the lib lighter?
anyway good work!
Olivier Roche

Hi all, I'm facing an issue while testing my components with dependencies to this module. I have a component that uses MKButton, but when I run test on this component, the dependency seems to not be transpiled and i get this error :

export {

SyntaxError: Unexpected reserved word

I then override the ignore of babel-register to transpile dependencies in the node_modules folder with ignore: false
but then I get :
Error: Cannot find module './Spinner'
I've seen the issue #212, so there is a Spinner.ios.js and Spinner.android.js file but no Spinner.js
I understand that react-native can load the right dependency but what about testing ? What should I do to get my test working ?
Olivier Roche
what i'm doing to avoid this is to require the MKButton trough
import * as MKButton from '../../node_modules/react-native-material-kit/lib/mdl/Button';
So that I don't have to import the spinner as well but this is:
  1. very ugly IMO
  2. won't solve the issue if I need to require the Spinner some day :(
@xinthink Hi , when we will get new release including this fix xinthink/react-native-material-kit#258
Rafael Seemann
Hey guys. I'm still new to the library and am not being able to understand why I'm changing the default theme with setThemebut I don't see this at the buttons I'm creating.
For example, I'm changing the rippleColor, but I don't see this in the MKButton.button().build() I'm using
what am I doing wrong here?
Cristian Torres
Hi, guys, does anyone knows how to make a MKTextField with textFloatingLabel using JSX syntax?
Samyak Bhuta
Hey guys, are there any sample application built with RNMK? Looking for .apk I can install and test on my Android.
Good work!
Rémi Tran
Hi, i have a tiny small issue, on MKTextField (single line) i have a long string (an address) value bind with state, so when the view is mounted, the text on iOS is display from the start, but on Android it is display from the end. Does anyone know a way to configure this please ?
Phu Tang
Hi guys, I have PR xinthink/react-native-material-kit#363 anyone can help me review it?
Do you know how to do icon component ?
Грибок Арсентий

Hello all. May anyone help me install react-native-material-kit? I have trouble with standart way. I'm installed it with /npm install -S react-native-material-kit

react-native link react-native-material-kit/
And then imported / import { MKTextField } from 'react-native-material-kit'; /
I got error: Cannot convert undefined or null to object (Function.defineProps -> Function.getOwnPropertyNames)
I don't build any textfield, i just import module.

Peter Evsikov
How to do infinity loop Progress?
I don't know version, but earlier it works like spinner. Just infinity loading
Now it doesn't works.
Is it possible now?
Peter Evsikov
Answer: import * as IndeterminateProgress from 'react-native-material-kit/src/mdl/IndeterminateProgress';
hi all i have just installed this library but am getting an error '''Invariant Violation: Element type is invalid:'''