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Repo info
    Renato Zuma
    I solved it by using filter in the ajax method of the service class
    Simone Pescina
    hello. why I see a tests folder in the repo but I can't find it in my local installation?
    Hoang Quang huy
    anyone please
    im using laravel 5.0
    install "yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle": "^6.0"
    run cmd create php artisan datatables:make UsersDataTable
    and get error: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Illuminate\Foundation\Application::getNamespace()
    please help me
    Alexey Syrok
    What happens with yajrabox.com ?
    Renato Zuma
    what do you mean?
    oh site went down
    Hi there
    Hello everyone! Could I add language in it ?

    eg: like this

    language: {
    url: '/localisation/Chinese.json'

    Awais Tahir
    does anyone know how to use datatable savestate on laravel?
    specially if someone is using laravel backpack
    Arjay Angeles
    @mpixelz just set saveState: true on your javascript or 'saveState' => true if you are using the html builder. Not sure though on laravel backpack.
    anybody home?
    Dan Kelly
    Anyone around?
    hi, does the 'rowReorder' only works with unique sort_order column values?
    Revaldo Pratama
    hello @yajra
    kouloughli Hemza
    is this chart still working
    Hi, does anybody know if I can get the documentation offline?
    Iip Muhamad Ikbal
    i have a questions
    any body help me?
    Mathias E.
    hello, what's your question ?
    Iip Muhamad Ikbal
    how to add title(headers) excel in laravel using yajra?
    I tried adding title but it's failed, not working, how to solve that?
    'dom' => 'Bfrtip',
    'order' => [[4, "desc"]],
    //'buttons' => ['excel', 'pdf', 'print'],
    'buttons' => [
    'extend' => 'excel',
    'title' => "adjfadfjad"
    'extend' => 'pdf'
    'extend' => 'print',
    'title' => "adjfadfjad"
    Gabriel Augusto "Patrola" Almeida
    hey i need some help
    my table is passing my layout
    I'm tried to put responsive:true, widht="100%", div class="table-responsive"
    and none of them worked
    I tried*
    Can anyone help me?
    Gabriel Augusto "Patrola" Almeida
    Hello can anybody provide me the idea on how to reorder the row of laravel backpack datatable??
    does anyone here still uses laravel-datatables?
    Antoni Siek
    Hi, is it possible to pass parameters to view there?

    Hi to everyone! Hi have a problem on orderColumn API. Here my code:
    return Datatables::eloquent(Company::query()) ->orderColumn('name', '`column` $1') ->make();

    But the generated query is: select * from ``companies`` where ``companies``.``deleted_at`` is null order by ``id`` asc limit 10 offset 0

    Can anyone help me?

    @yajra are you still using this or you use other applicatliion like slack ?
    please send link, I think this channel is not active anymore ?
    @iipmuhamadikbal have the same issue...did you manage it out?