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Repo info
    Alice Davis
    hello @yargalot, how are you doing? I'm playing around with your angular-hmr and am wondering if you have the time/energy/bandwidth to help me do some debugging?
    Diego Toro
    Hello! Just a question, is this active? just wondering if is going to change to a plugin for babel, could be great
    Alice Davis
    I played around with the webpack plugin a bit (began work on adding angular 1.5 component support), but quickly abandoned the work.
    @IngenieroLata do you have any links on how HMR works from babel plugins? That might be a good approach?
    Diego Toro
    to be honest I was looking for some equivalent in angular for this
    which is a plugin for babel, but no idea how can it be replicated in angular
    this is a guide for babel plugins
    Álvaro Touzón
    hi, im working arround this idea, and seems this github is out f order, i'll be pleased if tell us your experience of that.
    Diego Toro
    Have you been able to handle the state and restore it? I was reading the dependencies of transform-hmr and its working with something called proxy
    Álvaro Touzón
    @IngenieroLata , i made run under my envoirement,
    but i've to stop it, because have some issues under es7, too didnt work show logs but dont change content. Any idea?
    Hey everyone
    could you resolve the issues with this module?
    The latest commit has been in March, which shows possible progress in it
    Zlati Pehlivanov
    hi, anyone around?
    it seems this is not the right room for me
    searching information on how to setup correctly hmr in agular
    i see 2 ways