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Feb 2015
Justin Rogers
Feb 10 2015 17:36
Hey Michael, could you zip up the current caption files and send them to us? I'd to upload them into the db to get an corpus we can work with while building the backend.
Michael Lockrey
Feb 10 2015 18:43
You bet!
I'm on it
Is that mongoDB?
Michael Lockrey
Feb 10 2015 18:53
Also I was wondering
How do I get the corrected captions to be indexed by Google?
I've been doing some searches for terms that appear in the corrected craptions
But they don't come up in any Google searches
What am I missing?
Michael Lockrey
Feb 10 2015 19:03
Btw it will just take me a couple of hours
I'm enroute to BrisVegas today
Justin Rogers
Feb 10 2015 19:12
Yep, we're going to put it into Mongodb.
I'm not sure if Google could/would crawl the captions as they are now. Is there a current place on the site now that gives a list of links to videos that have already been recaptioned?
If not, maybe we could create one and have the entire transcription embedded into the html?
NP about the time. I'll still be at work for another 4-5 hours.
Michael Lockrey
Feb 10 2015 19:43
Yes I like the way of having a static transcript on the site
Some people just prefer to read things anyway
Check out
That's a guy over here in oz who is leveraging the value in the closed captions on TV
But it's a fantastic service