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Nov 2015
Paulo de Freitas Coleta Neto
Nov 20 2015 01:08
hi guys, first congrats for the great work
i'm a computer science student from Brazil and i'm trying to work with Dota for a data mining project. Early this year a colleague sent @howardchung a e-mail asking about using Yasp data
so you told us to grab then with ?json=1, that works fine
currently to avoid 500 errors, that happen when we request a "invalid match id" or simply a match_id that you didn't grab yet
Paulo de Freitas Coleta Neto
Nov 20 2015 01:13
i'm using steam api to retrieve matches, and thats also good because I can filter some types of matches
to retrieve matches ids
but i'm still get to many 500 errors, that brings a useless data traffic to your servers,
are there any way that i can make just the useful requests?
Paulo de Freitas Coleta Neto
Nov 20 2015 01:26
i'm also already filtering matches by lobby_type
Howard Chung
Nov 20 2015 02:57
Unfortunately not since we dont know what matches you want and we don't have every match. You could try running the parser/retriever yourself to parse just the replays you are interested in