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Dec 2014
Sean Culver
Dec 07 2014 16:59
Where did all the code examples go?
Dec 07 2014 18:16
Hey @skofo, I've been thinking about writing a native backend for this. I have now managed to statically compile cairo and its dependecies into a ruby gem. Here is the thing: I think I don't like the idea of a ticker or that you are forced to use one. First, it causes uneeded redraws and second it is hard to elegantly implement in e.g. an X11 main loop. It would be nice if the ticker would be optional and if used would just repeatedly call game.update ? Any thoughts on this ?
Elia Schito
Dec 07 2014 18:18
@seanculver I think they’ve been extracted, you can see screenshots and links in the readme tho