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Repo info
    @nwoow check out generator-angular-fullstack for a full MEAN stack generator, including api endpoints.
    Eddie Monge
    @cupofnestor grunt build shouldn't have anything to do with it. have you looked at resulting dist/index.html to see if the ui-view is in there correctly?
    @eddiemonge yes, the ui-view is there (and classed with ng-scope), just no content within. I'm using relative urls in my views so AFAIK ngTemplates should work, there are no errors.
    @eddiemonge to clarify, this is working in dev, just not dist.
    Andrea Sonny
    @cupofnestor, does grunt serve:dist work?
    Can you find your minified templates inside the dist folder after grunt build?
    Andrea Sonny
    Also, would be great to know your Yo Angular configuration:
    Would you like to use Gulp (experimental) instead of Grunt?
    Would you like to use Sass (with Compass)?
    Would you like to include Bootstrap?
    Which modules would you like to include?
    Andrea Sonny
    we should really do something for this generator @eddiemonge . It’s extremly outdated and sucks
    can you create a milestone for releasing a version 2? I can help you with that as soon as I finish working on the generator-mdl
    Karim Omar
    i am using angular-generator, every time i try to make route provider html5mode it fails
    any recommendations ??
     Would you like to use Gulp (experimental) instead of Grunt?  N
    Would you like to use Sass (with Compass)?  N
    Would you like to include Bootstrap?  Y
    Which modules would you like to include?
    Andrea Sonny
    no modules at all?
    So ngAnimate, ngSanitize, ngRoute, ngTouch => From the generator
    Trying serve:dist now
    @andreasonny83 RE: minified templates, they should be concatenated into my scripts.js if I am not mistaken.
    Andrea Sonny
    that’s right, but you should be able to scroll the minified script till the bottom and identify your templates in there
    Yes, I see my main template and others, with nested ui-views.
    I do have several svg templates, I wonder if that is an issue.
    grunt serve:dist has same problem.
    Going to try and remove ngTemplates from the equation.
    Andrea Sonny
    I tried to install the generator with your configuration but is working
    Yeah, It boiled down to an issue with my ui.router setup.
    I was still using $routeProvider to setup the default state, changed to $urlRouterProvider and it is fixed.
    Andrea Sonny
    I wonder why grunt serve worked then
    I've done it this way before, it honestly has escaped me until now that ui.router has its own location parser!
    I was actually confused as to why I still needed to use ngRoute. Ah well.
    Well, not parser exactly, location watcher is probably more accurate.
    @andreasonny83 Yeah, why it worked to begin with is a bit of a mystery....
    Out of curiosity, how do other devs handle changing app vars in dev vs. production, using this grunt workflow. Say I have an API URI that I want to be pointed at a server in development, but localhost in the dist version? Seams? Find/replace? two different angular services holding configs?
    Hi guys, is there any guides or solutions to switch angular application generated by yeoman from grunt build process to NPM scripts? Due to it's getting more popular to use NPM for build purposes.
    Sam Roth
    After I do a fresh scaffold, running grunt results in the following error: "Fatal error: Unable to find local grunt." Any thoughts?
    Rajan Singh
    What happens when you run npm install?
    Luis Martínez
    Anyone having issues when creating a build? running "grunt"? "grunt serve" is working fine but getting the following error when trying to create a build => jit-grunt: Plugin for the "karma" task not found.
    Jakub Pomykała
    Hi :) I have quick question. Is generator-angular still maintained by someone? I used this for ~4months and learning JS and all these stuff. Now I want to get clean project and do something more professional. But I'm wondering is there are some better/uptodate generators for angular. :)
    Andrea Sonny
    that’s an old project and not really maintained any more @evelan . I’ve recently created this Angular starter kit if you want to give it a try: https://github.com/andreasonny83/angular-starter-kit
    Andrea Sonny
    is that what you were looking for @evelan ?
    Ilton Garcia dos Santos Silveira
    Hello, I have an issue. Are you receiving angular is not defined? Is it the angular (bower dependency) referenced to be minifyed with app.js?
    Viresh Rajvansh
    after typing grunt server yeoman server is not working their is nothing run on browser any know what is the problem

    E:\Bracket Code\First\Angular js tools\YO_bower_Grunt01>grunt serve
    Running "serve" task

    Running "clean:server" (clean) task

    0 paths cleaned.

    Running "wiredep:app" (wiredep) task

    Running "wiredep:test" (wiredep) task

    Running "wiredep:sass" (wiredep) task

    Running "concurrent:server" (concurrent) task
    Warning: Running "compass:server" (compass) task
    Warning: not found: compass Use --force to continue.

    Aborted due to warnings.

    Execution Time (2016-10-26 16:23:21 UTC+5:30)
    loading tasks 512ms ████████████████████████ 77%
    loading grunt-contrib-compass 92ms █████ 14%
    compass:server 60ms ███ 9%
    Total 667ms Use --force to continue.

    Aborted due to warnings.

    Execution Time (2016-10-26 16:23:19 UTC+5:30)
    loading tasks 521ms ████████████████████ 18%
    wiredep:app 432ms █████████████████ 15%
    wiredep:sass 31ms ██ 1%
    concurrent:server 1.8s ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ 61%
    Total 2.9s

    this is happen with cmd on type grunt server
    but on browser their is not any content run i use localhost:3000 to the url
    any one know help plzzz
    Brian Mahecha
    Anyone having issues running generator-angular. I see that the build is labeled as "failing" on github..
    Назар Крип
    is someone here?
    How to use the generator to transform the existing Angular@1.x project? My goal is to give project automation builds and automated deployment capabilities. Any links will be fine..
    hello everboydy, i am still using the old angular1.x generator https://github.com/yeoman/generator-angular#readme, i was wondering if anybody can give me an idea how to migrate from using bower to using npm. thanks
    Create a new generator would be better.