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works on literally every other script I have
yii\base\Controller versus yii\web\Controller
Vũ Mạnh Cường
Hi all.
i use buttflattery\formwizard\FormWizard for my Project
But i can't get stepID on each step
I need enable/disable or add new button in wizard on each step.
Can you help me?
Vũ Mạnh Cường
Alexander Makarov
Rami Serapian
Hi everyone! How do I upgrade to bootstrap 4 in yii? Is there any helpful document that explains how to do so?

What is the best practice for using Access Tokens in apis?

        $identity = self::find()->where(['access_token' => $token])->select('id')->one();
        if ($identity == null) return null;

        //As per the recommendations, https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/2.0/yii-web-identityinterface#findIdentityByAccessToken()-detail
        // null should be re turned here.
        if (!Yii::$app->authManager->checkAccess($identity->id, Permissions::IdentifyWithAccessToken))
            return null;    

        return $identity;

this doesn't seem all that secure having it in plain text.

Alexander Makarov
Yermek DevOps
when the "Development Tools" chapter is going to be created, please?
Kai Mindermann, M.Sc.
Hi, I have two models that have a many to many relation. In the create action of the controller for model A I want to create an entry in the junction table to "link" model B. Yet I get the following error: UnknownPropertyException
This is how I call the linking after the $model was saved $model is an Organisation, organisationUsers is the junctiontable/model for linking organisations to users: $model->link('organisationUsers', Yii::$app->user->identity, ['status' => 10, 'role' => 10]);.
This is the next called method in the stack trace: in /app/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/db/BaseActiveRecord.php at line 1350– yii\db\BaseActiveRecord::bindModels(['organisation_id' => 'id'], common\models\User, common\models\Organisation).
in /app/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/db/BaseActiveRecord.php at line 1574– yii\db\BaseActiveRecord::__get('organisation_id')
Kai Mindermann, M.Sc.
Fixed it, I was using the junction table relation instead of the relation to users
qncm Hey. I'm populating dropdownlist for a nullable field. What should be the key here: [ ??? => 'nothing', ...]?
Nouras Hamwi
Any idea why would isGuest and user identity only works in SiteController and not other controllers?
Nouras Hamwi
isGuest works fine in frontend and backend but the problem is happenening when you add a third application I followed Yii2 documentation to create an additional application which works find just user identity is not working outside of sitecontroller.
How do I override the base MOdel class using DI?

I have tried

'container' => [
        'definitions' => [
            yii\base\Model::class => app\models\Model::class,

but that doesn't do anything. The models dont have any of the app\models\Model::class and are not instances of it

 $model = TestModel::findOne(['id' => 3]);
 $success = $model instanceof \app\models\Model;
  if (!$success) Yii::$app->session->addFlash('danger', 'failed to override');
this always fails
Alexander Makarov
Christopher Stebe

Hey guys, I have a question regarding the yiisoft/yii2-queue and the monitor extension from Roman Zhuravlev. I need to implement a worker affinity for jobs.

I start worker using supervisor in docker container (1 or many):


command=yii queue/listen --verbose=1 --php-binary=/usr/local/bin/php --isolate=1 --color=0 --interactive=0
stdout_logfile = /dev/stdout
stdout_logfile_maxbytes = 0
stderr_logfile = /dev/stderr
stderr_logfile_maxbytes = 0

So I have 5 isolated queue listeners up and running in each container / host.
Now a job A was pushed for the first time and gets executed by worker A on host A.
Then I remember (using a simple key value store in redis) that job A was processed by worker A on host A.
Works fine so far and I can access that information everywhere.

Now the next time job A comes I need to ensure that this job A will only gets executed on worker A on host A.
Until worker A on host A is busy that job A needs to wait.

I tried a lot to get that done but job A gets always executed by one of the next free available worker process.

I use own extended classes doing nothing atm then calling the parent class methods to be able to customize.
Here`s my config:

'queue' => [
            'class' => ProjectQueue::class,
            'commandClass' => ProjectCommand::class,
            'as log' => [
                'class' => ProjectLogBehavior::class,
                'autoFlush' => true,
            'as jobMonitor' => [
                'class' => ProjectJobMonitor::class,
            'as workerMonitor' => [
                'class' => ProjectWorkerMonitor::class,
            'mutex' => [
                'class' => MysqlMutex::class,
                'db' => 'db',
                'autoRelease' => false,
            'mutexTimeout' => 10,
            'db' => 'db',
            'channel' => 'master-queue', 
            'deleteReleased' => true, 
            'ttr' => 200,
            'attempts' => 1,

Now my question. Is that possible at all? And where I need to slide in to get that done.

Thanks in advance !

Alexander Makarov
Alexander Makarov

🎁 Yii news 2020, issue 8: https://opencollective.com/yiisoft/updates/yii-news-2020-issue-8

🎄 Happy New Year!

Alexander Makarov
Alexander Makarov
Alexander Makarov
🔥🎁 #Yii news 2021 issue 3 is here: https://opencollective.com/yiisoft/updates/yii-news-2021-issue-3
i have 3 dropdowns.....exists anything in kartik that when i select one dropdown the other twos are bloqued?
1 reply
I think you should address your question directly to https://github.com/kartik-v since this channel here is about the framework and not about 3rd-party extensions or plugins.

Hello guys!
I have a task for writing history of changes in my little project, i had CRUD conception in my project and 2 controllers for him.
Somebody can help me with logic for this task?

i started from afterAction hook, but i dont know how to send my params in this hook

@xDaemonic A code example would be helpful.
I have a question if I have a view and right now it send to one action controller, How would i send a ajax call on that same page to use a different action should I make a route for that action its supposed to just update a table no redirecting

good day, i setup DBSession:

    'session' => [
        'class' => 'yii\web\DbSession',
        'timeout' => 3600 * 4,
        'writeCallback' => function($session)
            return [
                'user_id' => Yii::$app->user->isGuest ? null : Yii::$app->user->id,
                'agent' => Yii::$app->request->userAgent,
                'ip' => ip2long(Yii::$app->request->userIP),

create mysql table:

CREATE TABLE tbl_session (
id char(64) NOT NULL,
expire int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
data blob,
user_id char(36) DEFAULT NULL,
agent char(255) DEFAULT NULL,

and when user is login user_id is ignored to insert to db, in debug i have request:
NSERT INTO tbl_session (user_id, agent, ip, data, id, expire) VALUES ('ab44c918-81f3-46fc-9720-a168ce652729', 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/96.0.4664.45 Safari/537.36', 168433921, 'flash|a:0:{}returnUrl|s:26:\"\";id|s:36:\"ab44c918-81f3-46fc-9720-a168ce652729\";authKey|s:12:\"a168ce652729\";', 'ha5gmmtpatjou0', 1638538767) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE agent=VALUES(agent), ip=VALUES(ip), data=VALUES(data)

why user_id is ignored on "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE"?
I think this has to do with a missing PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY in your database table schema:

I think this has to do with a missing PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY in your database table schema:

thanks for your message, problem is solved. user_id was foreign key.

Taha Fathallah
how to use UNSIGNED in Yii 2 , i try this Schema::Type_INTEGER.’ UNSINGED ‘ but its not working ?
You are talking 'bout migrations? Maybe something like this:
$this->createTable('tableName', [
    'id' => $this->integer()->unsigned()->notNull(),
    // ...
2 replies
Alexander Makarov
🎄#yii news, issue 4: https://opencollective.com/yiisoft/updates/yii-news-2021-issue-4 🎄Merry Christmas and happy New Year! 🎄
It is possible to post your packages directly in the project. For downloading and installation, a special php file is used called Manage.php
Alberto Passalacqua
thank you @samdark :-)
Здравствуйте! При создании поста создать нового пользователя (сложную модель) в модальном окне и вернутся и соответственно выбрать
Negruzzi Cristian
is there a tutorial how to work with AuthClient for registration with social networks?

Hi everyone
I think that one of the reasons for the lack of development of Yii framework community compared to the Laravel framework is that Yii framework is insular in the local languages of each country.
Now with the review I did:

Russian telegram group: about 2000 members
Indonesian telegram group: about 1500 members
Uzbekistan telegram group: about 500 members

But there is no any English telegram group for powerful Yii2 framework. Why? 😳😐🤔

in this reason, I created a telegram group for Yii2 in English, please join it: