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Jean Caubraque
i have the "generating file plz wait" on a popup but it's only reloading my index
and generating nothing ...
otherwise exportmenu works fine
Alexander Makarov
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/php-fig/beBQqv6PEyc — PSR-12 coding standard survey launched
Andrey L
hi guys
how to user master + slaves db connections, and config than all request go to master by default and go on slave only if i used getSlave()
if enable enableSlaves then yii itself split read/write, but if disable it, then getSlave() return only master
Andrey L
and only solution is define getSlaveConnection() without check « enableSlaves», but it not looks as best
hi, I have a table with unique field. how to correctly validate duplicates on insert
@eight-buddha ['field', 'unique']
Maxim Niko
tell anyone please. How should I cut the picture on the client side using java-script. What library is perfect for such a simple task?
Maxim Niko
Hello! Someone was faced with a situation in which fileapi from vova07 transferred the name of the saved file to the model, but when it was saved it was not written to the database?

h1, guys! i render CActiveForm with ajax on standalone html page. Everything works if i include js like this

Yii::app()->getClientScript()->registerCoreScript('copy-of-yii-activeform.js',  CClientScript::POS_HEAD)

is there any way to include core script 'jquery.yiiactiveform.js"?

// controller
$html = $this->widget('application.modules.forms.widgets.' . $name, $properties = array(), TRUE);
echo $html;
eventually, this works
Yii::app()->getClientScript()->registerScriptFile(Yii::app()->getClientScript()->getCoreScriptUrl().'/jquery.yiiactiveform.js', CClientScript::POS_END);
Привет всем
hi everybody
I have question
I use dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditor
when I use dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditor with \yii\bootstrap\Tabs it doesn't work
can someone help me!
Artyom Mezin
Hi all! Can I speak Russian here?
@codertiu , what error message do you get?
hey guys I want to union the two models in yii how can I do that?
Hi Guys,
I have developed a admin panel and Rest APIS on Advanced templates. Also I am using oAuth2 for APIS's scope management. Review it and PR would be appreciated.
All API's are developed on Modular Approach and also having inner routings.
Здравствуйте! Подскажите есть ли компонент для Yii1, чтобы подключить платежную систему payu.
Hello, Anybody here?
Aleksandr Demchenko
@dbd5 sometimes :)
Alexander Makarov
hello guys, please i need someone who understand yiiframe functions to help me integrate an sms platform and payment method to my project. please do email me. cyberknowledge.ng@gmail.com
@arowolodaniel Hi, I can help you
Hello! After updating the project from php5.6 to php 7 and installing Docker, it throws out the following: "This system did not support any of these drivers: gmagick, imagick, gd2" All this has already been installed 100 times. Nothing. Who faced, what can be done?
hello, can anyone help me with a issue on my localserver
i have a missing Mysql php extension on my MAMP mac and have tired to google for solution but none of the solution is fixing my problem yet. i would really appreciate it if anybody can hep me.
Napoleon Arouldas
hi all
pls take a look @ roll-out a php webapp deployment system
that i have built
we are giving lifetime free credit for opensource projects
your feedback is greatly appreciated
this is built for yii applications
Napoleon Arouldas
is there any unit testing framework for webapps that are made of yii
Alex Pavlov
Hi, I find converter request/response yii1 to PSR-7.
Mahdi Rezig
hi all
Phu Le
Hi guys, are you know the best way to load class to use?
Ex: to use UserComponent in UserController
Are you a developer (no matter the language you write). would you like to meet other developers from different country, would you like to join our open source projects.
we can make the world a better place together with support of free and open projects to solve some challenging problems in the world.
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hii guys how do i create an yii2 extension to work like this php codes
$api_key = '55AF74E5AXC9EF';
$contacts = '97656XXXXX,98012XXXXX';
$from = 'DEMO';
$sms_text = urlencode('Hello @Dev, have a great day');

$api_url = "http://bulk.websms.co.tz/app/smsapi/index.php?key=".$api_key."&campaign=1&routeid=14&type=text&contacts=".$contacts."&senderid=".$from."&msg=".$sms_text;

//Submit to server

$response = file_get_contents( $api_url);
echo $response;


Fozil Umarov
Всем привет кто использовал eximuscommerce ? у кого есть опыт ?