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Hi guys, first thanks for your fantastic work, I'm actually using your LB to forward system log to elasticsearch. I've seen there was a question about keeping the source IP.

Sure, right now we have a syslog stream which is forwarded by two nginx nodes to two logstash nodes. If we dont have the nginx option mentioned before, elastic will think that the syslog is commin from the nginx node. By issuing the option above it keeps the source IP when its forwarded and lets elastic find out the real source IP of the syslog

has this been implemented? I couldn't find anything in your documentation. that would be very useful to me.
pratheek bangera
@shantanugadgil Thank you.
pratheek bangera
@yyyar for the previous question on pools, I could not proceed with creating a new server configuration as I receive the information only one port. To explain my situation a little better. I receive the traffic on port x and I need to load balance the traffic across device 1 and device 2 and in addition I need to send/ replicate the complete information to device 3 (not load balanced). Is something like this doable ?
hi. maybe here could anybody assist me please.
I have gobetween up and running and it is working perfectly.
However, I need to get the original source IP for security reasons.
I can manipulate the back end server to recieve the proxy protocol.
But I also must have TLS which proxy protocol doesn't work with.
Any idea what can be done?
thank you very much
Illarion Kovalchuk
So gobetween doesn't complain and forwards connections, is that right?
Hello. Is it possible to configure GoBetween to just forward incoming TCP requests to Server 1 or Server 2? e.g. So If a user enters localhost:3000 it's forwarded to localhost:3001
pratheek bangera
@xUrko I think it must be doable. Basically you would have only one host in your server list
pratheek bangera
Can someone please help me with this question ?
I receive the traffic on port x and I need to load balance the traffic across device 1 and device 2 and in addition I need to send/ replicate the complete information to device 3 (not load balanced). Is something like this doable ?
pratheek bangera
Is anyone aware if we can increase the queue size for UDP sessions ? MAX_PACKETS_QUEUE value is set to 10k by default.

Hi all. I'm trying to set up a reverse proxy udp load balancer for syslog. I've found the following documentation.

transparent = false # (optional) [NOTE: does not work for Windows] if true - work in transparent mode, when forwarded udp packets have client source address (requires additional host configuration) (since 0.8.0)

Would anyone know where the "additional host configuration" documentation would be?

I have version 0.8.0+snapshot
Mark Davidson
Hi everyone just a quick question, can GoBetween handle Mutual Authentication or mtls
Yaroslav Pogrebnyak

v0.8.0 released: https://github.com/yyyar/gobetween/releases/tag/0.8.0

Just want to remind for those who have questions, maintainers are more active in telegram channel: https://t.me/joinchat/GdlUlg_gRfchk1BORU82PA sorry for being unresponsive sometimes.

Hello, I'm totally new to gobetween and have no experience this stuff, I'm a network guy so don't hold that against me. Is there an easy to follow guide for setting up gobetween and getting it up and running. Again I'm totally green to this so thank you for your understanding.
Yaroslav Pogrebnyak
hi @dulaneygroup it really depends on what do you want to accomplish. :-) Maybe you could describe it? Basic installation steps are listed here: http://gobetween.io/documentation.html#Installation
Hello, two questions. First off, I do not know what the bind property means in the config file. I assume it means the host and port the service will be binding to but there are many different lines of bind and I do not know if there is special stuff to put in there. I have it set to localhost and did not change default port. Second question, I do not know how to set up TLS connection. I do not want backend TLS as I would have to expose my backend to the web to get a cert, and then unexpose it after getting the cert signed. I want Gobetween to use HTTPS and then use HTTP to connect to backend. There is an ACME config and TLS config in the config file but I am not sure how it works. Is there an ACME client included with Gobetween? I am used to using Certbot to get certificates and this is new since the client is running using config instead of me supplying the info during the run. Also, with the TLS config it is asking for a cert path but I want it to get the cert during the run, I do not have it right now. I hope that gives you guys an idea of what I need. TLS is confusing
update i changed bind address to the ip of my machine, i couldnt access it from my pc
okay think i got the hang of the bind thing. i changed it again to
Raj V
is it possible to open a port in runtim and listen to incoming traffic for UDP ?
Hey there! Does gobetween have a feature like Nginx's auth_request?
It would be very handy in combination with Authelia. I'm considering switching from Fabio, which does not support this feature.
hey, I want to set a port that doesnt stick to the end server, I want to to flip flow between all nodes.
is that possible?
Joel Fankam
hi i would like to set wildcard certificates with gobetween, help is welcome

does gobetween support session affinity ? I am thinking to implement gobetween to LB my Spotfire Servers.

my requirements are like below.

If you choose to use a load balancer, it must support session affinity; this means that after a session has been established, the load balancer continues to route all requests from a particular client to a particular server. To be able to analyze streaming data in web clients, the load balancer must support WebSockets from the web client to the Spotfire Servers.