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Repo info
    something like this for the same button pressed,9008C9AF
    Rafi Khan
    Please create an issue on github and share the issue number here because that way the process is documented and anyone with the same problem can benefit from our labors 😀
    tesfayewak: I think those are hashes. This may be a bug, I have experienced the same thing with some remotes, whilst finding reliable hashes with others. I got around this by picking the mode of the output. I am not a developer but this was my solution. Hope it helps
    Rafi Khan
    Yeah maybe take a look at things like baud rate and line ending
    I'm trying to perform a little trick with a chinese LED driver that i've bought. It has a built in IR receiver, and is supposed to be controlled by a APA1616 remote (NEC compatible?). My hope is to be able to connect an Arduino straight to the IR receiver pins to control the driver. I'm trying to get the Arduino to emulate the receiver, so to speak.
    Any ideas on where to start? I've tried to just connect the output pins of an Arduino running IRremote straight to the receiver pins, but that doesn't seem to work. Thoughts?
    Andrei Matei
    hey guys, noob here. I've just use the library with some code that I got from the SparkFun website for an arduino IR receiver kit. It works, but I get duplicate signals for every button I press. Would you have a guess about what might be wrong?
    The code is the on the receiver part of this tutorial:
    Andrei Matei
    the IRrecvDump example from the library code works correctly, decoding using the NEC protocol for the remote that came with this kit
    Andrei Matei
    hmm it looks that it's about the delay between two decode() calls. If decode is called too quickly in succession, the second one will return a value of 0xFFFFFF, which is some sort of repeat code.
    Marc MERLIN
    Howdy. First thanks @z3t0 for merging my ESP32 pull request and your help with the process, much appreciated.
    I have an application where I'm displaying patterns on an LED strip (neopixel, using adafruit lib, which stops interrupts so as to send the exact timing carrier wave to the LEDs). In turn, this stops IR receiving from working of course, so I've tried using the delay time between IR updates to reset the state machine and hope the IR code gets (re)sent at the time I'm running delays (could be as short as 10ms). Of course anything sent while I'm not in a delay, is lost, but I'm counting on the IR code being resent (which may turn out to be wishful thinking in my case)
    bool handle_IR(uint32_t delay_time) {
        decode_results IR_result;
        irrecv.resume(); // Receive the next value
        if (irrecv.decode(&IR_result)) {
    Sadly, I've found that unless I set the delay to 200-500ms, and press the remote multiple times, I typically don't get the code.
    I'm not sure that there is a good solution around this problem, outside of using an ESP32 which can talk to an adafruit neopixel strip without stopping interrupts thanks to the RMT functionality (do neopixels without blocking interrupts), but if I wanted to try and make this work on my current 328p, can I find how long IR codes can be in ms, and if a specific remote resends them, giving a chance to my code to maybe pick up a send while it's waiting in delay?
    Rafi Khan
    Search for neopixel in the issues on github. I recall others with similar problems, there may be a work around there.
    Marc MERLIN
    Thanks, reading z3t0/Arduino-IRremote#314 (I didn't open an issue myself because I know it's not your lib's fault if it can't decode IR properly because someone other lib is disabling interrupts ;) )
    @z3t0 is there a way, with your lib, to know how long an IR code takes in milliseconds from start to finish, and whether the remote sent it once or 3 or more times?
    Rafi Khan
    Just as a tldr the only solution might be too rewrite the neopixel library so it doesn't disable interrupts or to use a second micro for ir
    I think so
    Check irrecvdump example
    Marc MERLIN
    not disabling interrupts isn't going to work on an AVR, neopixel requires perfect timing or fails, but it should work on ESP32 which can do this with specialized hardware. Looking at irrecvdump now, thanks
    Marc MERLIN
    @z3t0 updated the issue with https://github.com/z3t0/Arduino-IRremote/issues/314#issuecomment-291054315 Long story short, with teensy 3.1 you can do IR + neopixel on a single chip (thanks to fastled driver that can re-enable interrupts on fast chips while in the middle of updating LEDs)
    i got this messages dose any one knows how to fix this ^_^

    Arduino: 1.8.5 (Mac OS X), Board: "Arduino Nano, ATmega328P"

    /Users/Jethro/Documents/Arduino/mePed_IR_Starter_Program_0/mePed_IR_Starter_Program_0.ino:3:51: fatal error: IRremote.h: No such file or directory

    include <IRremote.h> // include IR Remote library


    compilation terminated.
    exit status 1
    Error compiling for board Arduino Nano.

    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    option enabled in File -> Preferences.

    A A
    hello, compiling the irrecvdemo leads into this error:
    IRremoteInt.h:92:26: error: 'PORTB' was not declared in this scope
    sb knows how to fix it?
    Can I use it with the IRremote library? It has NE555 for 38kHz modulation when transmitting so I do not need to perform this task by MCU
    And second question - I have Sparkfun Pro Micro board, but there is not the default pin 13 for transmit - should I tweak library too?
    First of all, is this chat even alive?
    K nope
    hi i am shovon
    i am very much interrest to learn arduino
    anybody help me??
    Axel Gunnarsson
    Hi everyone, i am kinda new to this whole thing with arduino and stuff but i am trying to make a IR controller car, with two arduinos. I am using the arduino Uno and a motor controller shield, but i cant turn on one motor (pin 3) because the irreccv. uses it too so then i cant controll that motor at all, and i do not know how to fix this... Help?!
    Badr Jumaily
    just change the pin for ir reciver like that => const int RECV_PIN = 7;
    Hi there, having an issue with a remote returning random codes every time I press, 0 issues with a SAMSUNG one
    the remote is a Philips one, so it could be RCMM or RC5/RC6
    this is the actual remote
    Hello! I am working on a project where i want to receive a string of bits, the string is 11 bits long with 3 address bits and 8 bits of information. I was think about using this library but i do not want the debugging for the remotes, any tips?
    and i am using RS232 protocol for the transmitter.
    Arduino lRremote
    include <IRremote.h> // include IR Remote library
    John Kolade
    This is a really dead chat innit
    I have a light sequence and was wondering if there was a way to use the remote to alter the main loop but
    I haven't even gotten the libraries straight
    Oh well
    how to instal IRremote library on linux