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Repo info
    Can I use it with the IRremote library? It has NE555 for 38kHz modulation when transmitting so I do not need to perform this task by MCU
    And second question - I have Sparkfun Pro Micro board, but there is not the default pin 13 for transmit - should I tweak library too?
    First of all, is this chat even alive?
    K nope
    hi i am shovon
    i am very much interrest to learn arduino
    anybody help me??
    Axel Gunnarsson
    Hi everyone, i am kinda new to this whole thing with arduino and stuff but i am trying to make a IR controller car, with two arduinos. I am using the arduino Uno and a motor controller shield, but i cant turn on one motor (pin 3) because the irreccv. uses it too so then i cant controll that motor at all, and i do not know how to fix this... Help?!
    Badr Jumaily
    just change the pin for ir reciver like that => const int RECV_PIN = 7;
    Hi there, having an issue with a remote returning random codes every time I press, 0 issues with a SAMSUNG one
    the remote is a Philips one, so it could be RCMM or RC5/RC6
    this is the actual remote
    Hello! I am working on a project where i want to receive a string of bits, the string is 11 bits long with 3 address bits and 8 bits of information. I was think about using this library but i do not want the debugging for the remotes, any tips?
    and i am using RS232 protocol for the transmitter.
    Arduino lRremote
    include <IRremote.h> // include IR Remote library
    John Kolade
    This is a really dead chat innit
    I have a light sequence and was wondering if there was a way to use the remote to alter the main loop but
    I haven't even gotten the libraries straight
    Oh well
    how to instal IRremote library on linux
    where can I find the best documentation for the 3.x version? it has been restructured significantly. WHat pins are used? Where is the code returned? what are the errors? I am trying to figure out how to handle when the key is held down and the repeat code is sent instead of the keycode. I try to keep track of the last keycode sent and modify the case to handle processing it.