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Jun 2015
Luis Ruiz
Jun 24 2015 00:49
I have a doubt in motion on page list tells me that in the js should add ionic.material.motion.ripple (); and discharged documentation says only add ionicMaterialMotion.ripple ();
but any of the two works
Arnaud Dellinger
Jun 24 2015 08:47
@newmesiss You might have misplaced the expression.
Jun 24 2015 12:16
@Arnaud-D thank you. Still not able to do it, I will try to make my way...
Arnaud Dellinger
Jun 24 2015 20:15
@sennav Have you tried the installation on a different computer? Or in a different directory from scratch?
Arnaud Dellinger
Jun 24 2015 20:28
Btw, I can't understand why none of the creators of this project aren't helping people to let them enjoy using it. :worried: