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Repo info
    on android device and genymotion emulator device token are not generated, working on the web browser
    Zlati Pehlivanov
    hey is this repository dead , I see no pull requests were accepted since 3 months
    rajat goyal
    same question as above, is the repo in active development?
    Torsten Feld

    i do not get deploy to run.

    i installed through ionic plugin add ionic-plugin-deploy
    but when running the app, i receive the message
    plugin is not installed or has not loaded. Have you run ionic plugin add ionic-plugin-deploy yet?

    any ideas on this?

    i stumbled across driftyco/ionic-service-deploy#8 but i do not have the ionic-service-deploy folder in "lib". am I missing something?
    Torsten Feld
    sorry, wrong chat
    George Johnston
    hey! I'm new to using Ionic Material, and I was wondering how I might go about integrating it into an pre-existing project I'm working on?
    Hi everyone can someone take a look at my problem plz -)
    hi all,
    i observe a performance issues with the demo sample, how can i improve this ?
    Timmy Rosén
    Hi! I'm just curios if this project is still being maintained and updated? Or are you working on Ionic Material for Ionic 2?
    Please tell me how to pass a variable from one page to another? <a href="#/app/character?charName='.$charName.'" > this code is causing a lot of errors on another page. On another page I tuck the variable (php) $charName = $_GET['charName'];
    $xml = simplexml_load_file("" . $charName);
    Franco Meriles
    Use rootScope from angular
    Could you give an example. I don't quite understand what it was about ?
    Franco Meriles
    .controller('MyCtrl', function($scope, $rootScope) {
    $scope.charName = $rootScope.charname
    then add $rootScope on any controller that you want to use that variable
    .controller('CharacterCtrl', function($scope, $rootScope, $stateParams, $timeout, ionicMaterialMotion, ionicMaterialInk) {
    $scope.charName = $rootScope.charname All right? I changed only your controller.js file, but error still remain
    and in console - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of undefined motion.js 288
    var_dump($charName) is null
    And also when compiling the apk can sometimes appear a white screen and nothing more
    I'm sorry, there was an error in the file
    Zlati Pehlivanov
    you should avoid redirecting users that way, you could attach an ng-click with a function passing to the function this variable of yours, and do the $state.go within the controller
    using $rootScope is bad idea
    Zlati Pehlivanov
    <a href="#" ng-click="vm.goto(vm.charname)"> ......
    thanks, i try it
    Hi Guys I am new to Web Dev and I wanted to use Deployd with Ionic .. I earnestly need your help because I am unable to do it on my own. Guide me with High Level steps on how to achieve it?
    Hello guys, I already have an ionic project. How to convert it to ionic-material?
    Sachin Erudkar
    Hi All
    Prashant Andani
    Hi Guys
    im facing an issue working with ionic firebase oauth login
    on login screen goes blank … when installed as app either in ios or android
    did any one face the same issue… Please help
    Roman M.
    Hi all
    Whats the difference between the Material Design Package at Github to the one available at CodeCanyon?
    Roman M.
    Ian Tang

    Hi guys!

    i build my mobile app using IONIC framework. And i am in the midst of QC testing it on IOS and Android to ensure that it will run smoothly on IOS and Android.

    My Question:
    For IOS - do i have to test it on Iphone 3G to 6+
    For Android - i am unsure.

    Hoping to hear from the community. :)

    Doug Franklin
    Hi everyone...
    How do I get to the Ionic channel?
    Zlati Pehlivanov
    @Imaginativeone it's a slack channel
    not gitter
    I'm having trouble with the window.open function in IONIC because the window and open up the application and not another window , causing I can not close the window when there is the function return oauth2 google
    Zlati Pehlivanov
    you need to use inappbrowser
    http://blog.ionic.io/oauth-ionic-ngcordova/ you can check this tutorial
    thanks Zlati
    hello anyone here who has experience in push notification
    how can you handle push notification on click in ionic 1 thanks
    using gcm service
    Rodrigo Rubio
    Hey guys! just wondering if the current release will work on ionic2?