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Repo info
    Mohammed Basheer
    Hey guys, Is Ionic-Material production ready? It's mentioned as Alpha in-progress. Is any of the previous release is stable enough for production ?
    Gerardo Scarpinati
    Hello everybody. I configured my ionia app to use ionic-material, but I faced up with very bad performance. Can you give me some hints to improve that performance?
    Jesús López Morales
    Hi, @gerscarpi_twitter Angular Material not work with Ionic
    @gerscarpi_twitter you can use "ionic-material" instead
    why does ionic require a server?
    George Tzinos
    hello guys
    i try to send an http request but i get more errors in console
    can someone help ?
    Niroshan Ranapathi
    Is there new update ionic materaial?
    Ryan Santos
    hi guys...i cloned material and played around with the demo...love the flat UI draggable design
    im new to ionic and ionic material design but from what i see it's simple, elegant, and running benchmarks with dev tools does great!
    im starting a new build with this template...i havent really looked at the getting started guide on ionics website....just kinda jumped right into it....I used Bootstrap before which isnt exactly AngularJS but it's enough to help me understand many of parts of the framework, semantics, syntax. stuff lol
    Rajesh P R
    Hi all, I'm new to ionic. Is it possible to run another angular app inside ionic view ?
    Jatto Abdulqahhar
    hi guys, i am new to ionic and currently using it to build a mobile app. its data driven and am gettng my data from an api using the http.get function. i need to add a functionality of checking if i have internet on the phone on first load, toast a message of no internet and exit the app.. and if after first load, i exit the app.
    Jatto Abdulqahhar
    fellow developers, please join this angular-ionic 1 room to help people with angular1 ionic issues and also get angular1 ionic 1 help from experts... the room needs participants to help others. Thanks. follow this link to join => https://gitter.im/angular-1-ionic-1/
    @jattoabdul sounds what your looking for is a connectivity service, check out this tut where they create one to check if the person has internet connectivity before loading GMAPS http://www.joshmorony.com/creating-an-advanced-google-maps-component-in-ionic-2/
    @RAJESHI2IT Possibly, I wouldn't see why not, I personally haven't done it yet. Short of using InAppBrowser to load an ionic app I'm hosting on my web server.
    Jorge Cortes
    hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a gitter chat to ask questions about ionic 1.3?
    thanks in advance
    I'm struggling with this "Note: We do not recommend using resolve of AngularUI Router. The recommended approach is to execute any logic needed before beginning the state transition." on the website at http://ionicframework.com/docs/api/directive/ionNavView/
    anyone has a solution for that?
    Jorge Cortes
    OK I think I have found out a way using for example $state.$current.locals.globals.actionRes.data; where actionRes is in the resolve
    ionic basic websites?
    Ryan Santos
    hey guys...new to ionic and JS in general...but I did pop open the hood on material design...so awesome...feels like i do so much with so little lol...at the moment im working on bootstrap projects. does anyone know if ionic is strictly in bed with angular or is there something that can help devs with less skill to transition into ionic mobile apps witha friendlier welcome?
    Abdulah Hamzic
    hey, I need help
    with Ionic
    Ashley Tolen
    @hamzicabdulah Me too
    @hamzicabdulah me too
    hi guys,
    i have used file transfer plugin to upload images in my app. it works fine in debug build. but fails in production build. Am i missing something with permission?
    @kirthi15 actually we all are stuck how to configure & work with ionic-material... so if you don't mind then can you help us its really helpful for us. Thanks in advance.
    @sarjerav where are you stuck?
    Esteban Montoya
    Hi guys, this ionic material is compatible with Ionic 2???
    Ryan Santos
    ionic 2 has material design built in for android development when you start an ionic project...android's default theme is material design based
    dont quote me...im just inferring from what i read in the docs lol
    we are young developers , so how we use Material Design theme for Ionic ?
    hi everyone.. would it be possible to use php mailer in an ionic app?
    or would there be other alternatives
    Sanket Chandrakant Gurav
    hi iam try ing to automate inic app testing
    truying to use appium but no success
    Santhoshkumar B
    hi frds, i am facing issue in ionic project, some devices app coming fine but some devices white screen coming, how to solve the issue
    Al Falah Taieb
    is there someone ?
    hey guys, how to focus on next input text when length is exceeds maxlength
    tried below code but element.next() is not working
    app.directive("moveNextOnMaxlength", function() {
    return {
    restrict: "A",
    link: function($scope, element) {
    element.on("input", function(e) {
    if(element.val().length == element.attr("maxlength")) {
    var $nextElement = element.next();
    if($nextElement.length) {
    can we use element.next() in ionic or any other option is there to do the same? please help
    yazhe wang
    I have an idea about transparent toolBar and statusBar.
    The discussion:https://forum.ionicframework.com/t/how-can-i-make-a-transparent-toolbar/46401/41
    👻Here the DEMO:
    Doug Franklin
    Hi everyone
    Will ionic-material work with my ionic 3 project?
    hey guys how to Read one time password form SMS in ionic v1 app? tried https://github.com/sidchilling/Phonegap-SMS-reception-plugin but getting "ReferenceError: smsInboxplugin is not defined" pls help
    Hello All,
    ionic meterial- animate-fade is not working while i use ng-if condition in above