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Dec 2015
Dec 02 2015 09:47


We would like to invite you for a presentation and workshop of Play-Swagger, an OSS plugin that enables the development of Scala Play microservices with Swagger API definitions as the single source of truth in your codebase. For the last half year we have been working hard on getting the plugin ready for production, and as a result, we are happy to release the first version during a presentation on December 15 from 11am till 12am in BMO-H-7-1 Command & Conquer.

Play-Swagger features incremental compilation of:

  • Domain model generation of Swagger API definitions and parameters.
  • Model validation generation of Swagger API constraints.
  • Play controller generation of Swagger API path definitions.
  • ScalaTest property based test generation for all of the above.

After the presentation there will be a workshop from 12:00 till 13:00, also in BMO-H-7-1 Command & Conquer in which we'll implement microservices as defined by Swagger API definitions of our and your choice. We'll take a closer look at the different features that the plugin provides, and learn how to develop with specifications as the single source of truth. Bring your laptops!

Please let us know if you'll be joining in.

Philipp Hofmann
Dec 02 2015 13:43
hell yeah!
Dec 02 2015 22:59
@okthatsneat LOL