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Mar 2016
Mar 16 2016 17:13
@reactormonk hey, thank you very much for the PR
I've put it into the separate branch cause I'd like to create more tests before putting it into the master
I'd also like @nmcb to take a look at it
is it correct that the specification needs to be in JSON format?
where could i find some real-world specification examples?
Simon Hafner
Mar 16 2016 17:59
@slavaschmidt it's still buggy, I haven't figured out yet how to compile the generated controllers.
No, the spec is in apib. It's just that I didn't want to write a parser in that format, so I used the parser (via drafter) to get it into json - which you can parse somewhat easy.
Simon Hafner
Mar 16 2016 18:21
It doesn't parse all the things, just the stuff we use - so I'll probably need more examples to make the parser complete.