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Repo info
    Mihail Diordiev
    @cesardeazevedo it's a real JSON as { "payload" : "list of dispatched actions", "preloadedState": "initial or commited state" }
    List of distatched ations and commited state is stringified though, for performance reason and to be able to support types which are not supported by JSON.stringify(like date, regex, undefined, nan, infinity, error, symbol, map, set and function)
    Tushar Mathur
    Is there a way I can use the chrome extension with my own custom state manager?
    Which is not based on redux
    Tushar Mathur
    @zalmoxisus Wow Thanks!
    Ryan Ragle
    Hey, I'm not sure how the Persist works?
    I press the button, and it doesn't do anything?
    Ryan Ragle
    ?debug_session=ryan appears to work
    Aaron Beall
    What is the difference between __REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION_COMPOSE__ and compose?
    Andy Jansson
    Hi. How does the devtools timestamp the actions, and are there any way of manipulating these?
    Matthew Bonig
    Is this being actively monitored? seems like it's been a little dead in here for a while...
    Andrew Ritchie
    Is there a simple way to load redux dev tools by default in selenium?

    Hello there, I'm facing a problems using Redux DevTools from the simpole way:


    const store = createStore(rootReducer, devTools)

    The error is:
    "The initialState argument passed to createStore has unexpected type of "Function"

    Can someone help me?

    hello guys i kinda new to react , i downloaded the extension to chrome and also made a store in my pro and i added + window.REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION && window.REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION()
    but still
    and doesnt shows in the inspector
    Michał Domarus
    Hi! Do you know why the latest version is not deployed to npm?
    Jakob Grumsen
    Hi everyone. When I try to add REDUX devtools to createStore, I get the following error:
    Property 'REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION' does not exist on type 'Window'.
    The Store I'm using, looks like this: const store = createStore(
    reducer, / preloadedState, /
    Nick Bailey
    are there any known issues with especially large actions breaking redux dev tools? i'm seeing an issue where redux dev tools simply stops seeing actions even though the app keeps working
    the only thing i can think of is the size of the action (its the results of an api call that has a very large response)
    i guess the other possibility would be for some reason the content in the action is breaking things
    i'm experimenting with some middleware to convert the json from the api call into a more useful schema (converting timestamps to moment.js objects for example)
    Nick Bailey
    actually if i don't convert timestamps to moment.js objects its fine
    so i guess that's what's breaking it
    Herbert Pimentel

    Hello everyone, I have been using REDUX-DEV-TOOLS and it is super awesome, but I miss a feature in the UI, or I may not know hot to do it.

    I belive it wold be super awesome if this filter field in the UI allow regex filter the actions.
    In my case, I work with redux forms that is fantastic and... by it self dispatches SEVERAL actions that I trust and dont care about.

    The filter field in the redux dev tool UI allows me to filter a specific action... but I really want is to "hide" all the redux form actions (because I trust and dont care about) So... I belive it wold be super useful this field allow me to filter with a regex like /^[^@@REDUX-FORM].*/

    WhatsApp Image 2018-07-05 at 12.30.20.jpeg
    Hello, might be lame question but how do I install the latest 2.17.0, npm only knows 2.13.0 :-/
    hey everyone, I'm a little confused on how to enable stackTrace within redux dev tools
    how do i turn this option on from within chrome?

    hi! I have a quick question if anyone is able to help. I have built some React components as a library, I am building with Rollup as many blog articles suggest and creating dist for npmjs in CommonJS version and ES6.
    Unfortunately, when transforming the CommonJS to ES6, there is a wrong import:
    import redux, { combineReducers, createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';

    When using my components lib in a React app, it fails:
    Attempted import error: 'redux' does not contain a default export (imported as 'redux').

    If I remove import { composeWithDevTools } from 'redux-devtools-extension'; from my lib, everything works.
    Any idea why it is built with that import?

    Jean-Paul van Houten
    Hello, when will you be making an extension for the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium?

    I'm trying to support redux devtools in my library, and I can't get time travel to work. I've read a few articles but the methods shown don't appear to work. My code essentially works like this:

    const devtoolStore = window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__(reducer);
    devtoolStore.subscribe(() => { /* do something here? devtoolStore.getState() */ });

    devtoolStore.getState() always returns the latest state, not the state from the point in time that I am moving to. Is my library supposed to record history itself? If so, I expect to receive an index to tell me what point in the past I need to go to. But I can't see any way to receive this index.

    The code they show here doesn't work for me. store.subscribe(() => setState(store.getState()))
    Never mind. I followed the (broken) link to the repo, and found the current API. This approached worked for me.
    In that example, there's no payload shown for the action, it only shows type.
    How do I get payload to also appear?
    Okay, so it looks like a "store enhancer" is just another store which has a matching interface for dispatch, and that anything dispatched to the devtool store, will also get dispatched to the enhancer store. Am I right? I can't completely tell yet. Conclusions drawn based on:
    @zalmoxisus ? Anybody here?
    does this package work with react-native-debugger ?
    Chris Barnes
    anyone else having issues lately with Firefox developer edition?
    Things seem to work fine with the Chrome devtools...
    Dawid Janiga
    Hi guys :wave: How is it possible that in GitHub the latest version of redux-devtools-extension is 2.17.1 but in npm 2.13.8?
    Is anyone here?
    Last post Jun 10..
    Hello 👋