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    fix(ui): update redirect server… refactor(ui): merge DocsetListI… refactor(registry): prefix incl… and 2 more (compare)

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Also Flutter docset used to work fine but I tested it quite a while back.

is there any option for showing debug logs? or any other way to check the progress not by progressbar?

upd: finally appeared in docsets list
Oleg Shparber
I think it was just very slow to extract the files. Unfortunately, there's no proper progress for manually added docsets.
will update feature be available for manually added docsets?
Oleg Shparber
I think someone was working on that, but I honestly cannot recall if it ever made in or not.
You can test by lowering version in meta.json and checking for updates.
Hi. Is it possible to change zeal docs language ? If so how ?
Oleg Shparber
@maeltoukap it's not unless someone generated docsets in other languages
@trollixx ok thanks
Alejandro Iglesias
Hello there> Is it possible to add the Woocommerce documentation to Docsets
Jasper van Merle
You can find a WooCommerce docset in the user contributed docsets: https://zealusercontributions.vercel.app/
Alejandro Iglesias
Thank you very much
hello everybody
Hey, has anyone kown how to add feed MDN Web Docs(Mozilla Developers Network Web Docs) namded developer.mozilla.org.tar.gz in Zeal? I don't kown how to use it after I downloaded.
Samuel Stidham
I didn't know MDN was available on zeal. That's interesting.
what is use of zeal mostly
Jasper van Merle
There is a user contributed docset for AutoHotkey: https://zealusercontributions.vercel.app/
how to load the matplotlib(a python lib) docsets?
Assembly Dude
@OromiaFikiru - So you have the documentation for the tools you use in one place. It helps me with not opening my browser 24/7 to google the documentation links then for the documentation piece I am looking for
Minton Mu
Hi everyone, do you suddenly crash when using Zeal?
Jonathan Arnett
I'm not having any crashing problems, but today (after updating my Fedora 35 install last night) the Zeal UI flashes black under Wayland on every keystroke. Issue does not exist under X11.
Huh, could be related to zealdocs/zeal#1299
Rafael Baboni Dominiquini
I've been having a problem with the Java 16 documentation for a while!
I opened an issue on GitHub, but it wasn't resolved. (zealdocs/zeal#1339)
Is this project still being maintained?
hey guys,how to make a docset,i want to make a docset for curl,anyone have ideas?😎
Juan Vásquez

Hello everyone, I just installed zealdocs in Manjaro through this way flatpak install flathub org.zealdocs.Zeal from here https://discover.manjaro.org/flatpak/org.zealdocs.Zeal

it is working but I wanted to use it with the zeavim.vim plugin to launch it from nvim but I got the "Zeal is not present in your system or his location is not defined" error message
then I tried to run zeal from the command line and it didn't work, anybody know where is the zealdocs path when it's installed from the flatpak manager?
Thank you!

how to load tensorflow docset?
Mostafa Islami
Hi everyone
is it possible to download frameworks docs like NextJs or a ui framework like antdesign?
Bogdan Vitoc
PSA: I've missed the global shortcut functionality of dash on mac since moving to zeal on linux under wayland, where it's currently disabled. my solution was to make a quick gnome extension to implement a global keybinding for zeal (or any app) toggling. Not polished enough to upload to extensions.gnome.org so if you want it you'll have to install it manually: https://github.com/Bogidon/dotfiles/tree/master/gnome/extensions/app-toggler%40bogdanvitoc.com
how to make a docset for scikit-learn, torch and tensorflow?
Good day or night I need to solve de SSL handshake fail about zealdocs in windows 7, anyone can solved that?
Abe Ansah
please how can I add react docset?
hi, my zeal in win10 show empty language in available page, anyone knows how to fix it?
when I click close, it will show this page
but after long time waiting, still nothng
do I need some proxy server? or can should I debug it?
Antonio Fernández Villa
Hello, when I download documentation on java 15, when opening said documentation the program closes automatically. What should I do?
Oleg Shparber
@fdez2002 please the latest code from the master branch. The issue is fixed there