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Feb 2015
Gaurav Koley
Feb 01 2015 19:40
zense-bot help
Zense Bot
Feb 01 2015 19:40
zense-bot adapter - Reply with the adapter
zense-bot animate me <query> - The same thing as image me, except adds a few parameters to try to return an animated GIF instead.
zense-bot echo <text> - Reply back with <text>
zense-bot help - Displays all of the help commands that zense-bot knows about.
zense-bot help <query> - Displays all help commands that match <query>.
zense-bot image me <query> - The Original. Queries Google Images for <query> and returns a random top result.
zense-bot map me <query> - Returns a map view of the area returned by query.
zense-bot mustache me <query> - Searches Google Images for the specified query and mustaches it.
zense-bot mustache me <url> - Adds a mustache to the specified URL.
zense-bot ping - Reply with pong
zense-bot pug bomb N - get N pugs
zense-bot pug me - Receive a pug
zense-bot the rules - Make sure zense-bot still knows the rules.
zense-bot time - Reply with current time
zense-bot translate me <phrase> - Searches for a translation for the <phrase> and then prints that bad boy out.
zense-bot translate me from <source> into <target> <phrase> - Translates <phrase> from <source> into <target>. Both <source> and <target> are optional
zense-bot youtube me <query> - Searches YouTube for the query and returns the video embed link.
ship it - Display a motivation squirrel