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Repo info
    anyone here?
    Is the czmq home page example supposed to work?
    I just banged my head on the wall for several hours trying to get it compile, failing in zsock_t type not being found
    then tried some of the advanced examples from the cmzq guide repo and none of the examples use this zsock_t type and it cannot be even found in any of the header files included in libzmq or czmq
    so the question is: the home page hello world example is deprecated?
    Kevin Sapper
    @teropes sorry for the late response
    Yes the czmq home page example is supposed to work.
    Which version of czmq are you using? And how did you install it?
    @shuangliyue 是! :)
    @sappo no problem, it took only 4 years :D
    Nick Brown
    Can anyone offer me any insight into the cause/fix for the following compilation error?
    In file included from /home/user1/work/vermont/src/modules/ipfix/IpfixCollectorCfg.cpp:22:                              
    In file included from /home/user1/work/vermont/src/modules/ipfix/CollectorCfg.h:33:                                     
    In file included from /home/user1/work/vermont/src/modules/ipfix/IpfixReceiverZmq.hpp:32:                               
    In file included from /usr/include/czmq.h:37:                                                                           
    In file included from /usr/include/czmq_library.h:23:                                                                   
    /usr/include/czmq_prelude.h:665:13: error: cannot combine with previous 'int' declaration specifier                     
    typedef int SOCKET;                                                                                                     
    /usr/include/pcap/socket.h:79:20: note: expanded from macro 'SOCKET'                                                    
        #define SOCKET int                                                                                                  
    1 error generated.
    What does the statement "zsock_signal(pipe, 0)" do in the worker_task of lbbroker2 at https://zguide.zeromq.org/docs/chapter3/? And what is the meaning of the statement "zpoller_t *poll = zpoller_new(pipe, worker, NULL)"? Why does zpoller_new need to pass a pipe socket parameter?
    Question1:Link https://zguide.zeromq.org/docs/chapter3/
    In the sentence "zpoller_t *poll = zpoller_new(pipe, worker, NULL)" of lbbroker2, who will send signals to this pipe?
    Question2: the last line in worker_task "zsock_signal(pipe, 0)", why is this line needed?
    zpoller_set_nonstop(,true) what's the meaning when set to true?
    Can zmq.Context() be called multiple times in the same process context?
    How does zeromq enable reliable transmission from one sender to multiple receivers. pub/sub sockets seem to have packet loss issues, right?

    from zmq import Socket
    mycontext = zmq.Context()
    class MySocket(Socket):

    #how to write this class?

    sock = MySocket()

    how to implement MySocket to use like socket defined in zmq.