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Kevin Swiber
For the Zetta core, there's a list of issues here:
Let us know if you have any questions!
We'd be happy to review any Pull Requests. :)
This link from Sep 2014 mentions Zetta integrating with Z-Wave devices, but I don't see any driver or documentation mentioning it anymore, was the support removed for some reason?
Kevin Swiber
@mingsheng88 I'm not sure I know of any drivers currently using Z-Wave. It would be possible to build a Zetta device driver for a Z-Wave device using something like this to handle the communication:
Anh Le (Andy)
Hi there, I see many unresolved issues & PRs. It seems that zettajs's not actively maintained.
Michallis Pashidis
really appreciated the tutorial videos from Matthew Dobson, are there more following?
Matthew Dobson
Hi @anhldbk zetta is in fact actively maintained. Our latest release was 25 days ago as our final release candidate for the 1.0.0 milestone. Breaking API changes, and feature development has slowed, and we now favor bug fixes and stability improvements.
@t1tcrucible I took a break from putting the tutorials together, but will be trying to setup something in the near future. Anything in particular you'd be interested in me going over?
Michallis Pashidis
@mdobson It would be interesting explaining the query possibilities on the interface, as how a device can be registered, unregistered, blocked,… A second part where I’m interested at, more information about coupling Zetta hubs to eachother, how to manage, and some more info about how the websocket ‘inter-communication’ works.
Joachim Schirrmacher
Hey, I just started experimenting with zettajs and try to follow the HelloWorld tutorial In "Blink the LED from the PC" it requests to open, but this cannot work due to CORS. Any recommendations what to do anyone?
Nicolas Duran
Hi :)
What is the current state of the project ? I couldn't find any roadmap. I'm interested into using in my company but some drivers of the project look like already abandoned such as zetta-led-mock-driver that I couldn't find in the github
Kevin Swiber
@NicolasDuran The project is alive and well. It forms the core of Apigee’s IoT offering, and it has become relatively stable. (Reference:
Rizwan Haider
Hey, I am unable to create the relations in my loopback project, any one can plz help.
Kevin Swiber
@rizvanhaider I think you want
Gianluca Cornetta
Hi, really great project thanks for sharing. When are you planning to upgrade zetta dependencies to make it run on Node 8.x without any patch (see GitHub issue #336)?
Bjarki Madsen
hey guys :) is there any way to add an app module dynamically to a running instance of zetta server ?
Kevin Swiber
@bjerkins I haven’t tried it out, but it’s theoretically possible.
Apps are just passed an instance of the runtime when they’re instantiated.
You could bootstrap additional apps from a single app instance.
  .use(runtime => {
    appsEmitter.on(‘ready’, app => {, runtime);
  .listen(process.env.PORT || 1337);
Kevin Swiber
Something like that.
@AdamMagaluk I think you’re the new Benevolent Dictator of Zetta. Any thoughts on @gcornetta’s question?
Bjarki Madsen
@kevinswiber thanks !
Simon Vogl
Hi all, I've played a little with Zetta and connected our Arduino-based line camera - there's a live plot:
I have two data streams, one raw data, one with detection results. I'd like to update the detection result stream only if something interesting happens, but this freezes the output. I have no clue yet where this happens - should I look in the browser code or somewhere deeper?
Kevin Swiber
@svogl Do you know if this is a browser-only issue? Does a direct WebSocket subscription using something like wscat work as expected?
Simon Vogl
@kevinswiber good question :) will try a few things and report…
The extensions per se are not too terrific, I just added a basic plot functionality to zb ( , the device is also quite basic, reading from serial and forwarding what it gets (plus some basic computations; if you want to peek )
Kevin Swiber
Ah, okay. There may be parts of the browser that don’t work well in Firefox. We pretty much only tested on Chrome, and there might have been some IE/Edge compatibility updates.
But I don’t recall.
Simon Vogl
nah, have to revise - had it running for 10 minutes now and both work
still, seems to be some garbage collector issue or so
cross-browser stuff has been fun for >15years now ;)
Kevin Swiber
I remember doing browser-sniffing to enable/disable features between Internet Explorer and Netscape back in the late 90s. :D
“Best viewed with Internet Explorer"
Simon Vogl
haha, yea - the ‘good’ old days ...
my MSc was based on some Netscape VRML plugin (beta, at that time…)
oh well.
need to rush off - will update once I found it.
Kevin Swiber
Simon Vogl
Hmm, seems to work now but don’t ask why. Btw, what was the rationale to have data flowing from right to left in the graphs?
Kevin Swiber
@svogl So the latest data point ends up on the right-hand side and the X-axis reads as a timeline from left-to-right.
Simon Vogl
agreed, and it makes sense to have a correlation between graphical and numeric values at the same end. Conceptuallz, I had more a data-cockpit like view in the back of my mind when I gave it a try first.
Simon Vogl

seems there is a delta between code and docs: I tried to set 2 parameters (a, b) via map():

 .map('thresh', this.setThresh, [
                   ] )

seems my callback gets called as setThresh(threshValue, configValue, cb()) instead of setThresh(propertiesMap, cb())

also, is there a way to set an initial value? I’d like to specify something like

   {'type':'Number','name':’thresh’, ‘value’: this.threshold }


Kevin Swiber
@svogl We discussed doing allowing a value in transition config a few years ago. Not sure where we ended up. I apologize for my fogginess. I haven’t been a Zetta maintainer in quite a while. Perhaps @AdamMagaluk knows.
I’d expect the above config to come back as setThresh(threshValue, configValue, cb). Can you point to the broken docs?
Simon Vogl

Ok, I replayed my search; I started looking at at the docs, which explains how stuff works with one argument; the documentation is consistent here with the behaviour, but adding an example with 2 could clarify the situation

In order to find out what happens (because my callback failed ( with a ‘cb is not a function prototype’), I tripped over the config.remoteUpdate(handler) which does pass a properties object, so I assumed the callback could do the same thing..

as for value: It’s used as a default value right now: When I leave a field in the web browser empty, the function gets called with this value.

the remoteFetch / remoteUpdate look pretty much usable for what I need ;)
Hi which's nodejs version for zetta?
My nodejs version is v8.9.3
but npm install zetta --save got some build warnning