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May 2015
Denis Pushkarev
May 12 2015 07:08

@monolithed if you wanna get custom build from your code - you can try

  modules: ['es6', 'core.dict'], // modules / namespaces
  blacklist: ['es6.reflect'],    // blacklist of modules / namespaces
  library: false,                // flag for build without global namespace pollution
}, console.log.bind(console));   // callback

It's not yet public API and can be changed in next versions.

Charles Pick
May 12 2015 08:10
@zloirock would you consider moving away from LiveScript in favour of babel?
Denis Pushkarev
May 12 2015 08:33
@phpnode possible in the future, but not sure - currently I use LiveScript at first for tests, it's not requires most ES6 syntax features, but simple sugar language simplifies their writing. If I will open this API it will be compiled JS. Anyway, needed coffee-like language with support ES6 features :)
Alexander Abashkin
May 12 2015 10:03

@zloirock, why not build LiveScript before like

"scripts": {"prepublish": "...."}


Denis Pushkarev
May 12 2015 10:09
@monolithed yes, as I wrote above, when I'll publish this API (maybe in next minor / major release) it will be compiled JS.