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Repo info
Haonan Chen


Thanks for the awesome plugin! I accidentally type some password in command line and now it is in zsh history. I don't want it to be visible so would like to know where I can find the command cache file for zsh-autocompletions and if I can manually modify the history?


@chaonan99: completion and history are two different things, but anyway it should be in somthing like ~/.zshhistory ($HISTFILE)
I am having some alignment issues
Different sections have the their help aligned differently
that's another project
yeah, I know
I am the author and I need help with zsh completions in general
I thought maybe someone here could help me
I have a new attempted fix in esc/conda-zsh-completion#13 -- not the best fix, but hopefully this wil fix it for the majority of my users
I suggest you ask on zsh mailing list: http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Arc/mlist.html
or #zsh on freenode
Juris Arturs Majors
Hello, I am interested in adding completion for one program. Does it have to be done on the zsh-completions repo or can it be part of the program itself?
I assume that all those completion files are read by the plugin from the plugin repository. But since it's a growing project there might be changes.
Therefore, adding it to the project itself would be more maintainable.
@JurisMajors you can maintain it in your project, then packagers need to deploy it to the proper location (/usr/share/zsh/site-functions on linux)
Hey, would this be a good place to seek help in creating completions?
If not, could anyone point me at the right direction? Thanks!
Daniel Florescu
Does it work with zsh-autosuggestions?