Simple, powerful messaging.

Interested? Gitter is in beta right now, but feel free to give it a go.

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So smart, it even knows your issues

And talks markdown, including formatted code

Integrated with the products you use

Integrations with Github, BitBucket, Heroku, Jenkins, Travis, Trello, Huboard and Sprintly.

Fully customisable API to integrate into your own environments.

Other awesome features

Know who's seen any message. Edit messages after you've sent them. Full emoji support. Special Lurk Mode. IRC bridge.
Automatically embeds content like Gists, YouTube, pictures of cats and other stuff. Desktop notifications and @mentions.
Infinite chat history stored in the cloud. Will soon be searchable too. Phew, that's a lot and we're building more constantly.

Available everywhere that has internet

Desktop app for Mac. Windows, iPhone and Android coming soon.

Works perfectly in mobile web browsers.

Available via IRC clients too.

What does it cost?

During our Beta period, Gitter is available for free. Rest assured public conversations will always be free. No ads.
We'll work out a great, affordable price for private conversations, which will include a free tier.
Interested? Gitter is in beta right now, but don't let that stop you.

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