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Chat, for GitHub.

Get unlimited public rooms and one-to-one chats, free forever. Private team plans start from $2 per user per month. No credit card required.

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Integrated with your workflow

Gitter is built on top of GitHub and is tightly integrated with your organisations, repositories, issues and activity.

We provide integrations with Trello, Jenkins, Travis CI, Heroku, Sentry, BitBucket, HuBoard, Logentries, Pagerduty & Sprintly. We also accept custom webhooks, have an open source repository for integrations as well as a flexible API.

Gitter loves
Sam Saccone, Marionette.js Lead:

Gitter has helped to bring the Marionette community together, turning it into a thriving collaborative environment that has been exceedingly beneficial to both our endusers and maintainers.

Nuno Job, Founder YLD:

Gitter helped us shape our distributed company culture. We use Github everyday, and Gitter is how we communicate around our work. Team spirit has gone up and we can see how much more people collaborate.

David Dias, LXJS Conference Organiser:

Gitter was an essential tool, not only for organising LXJS but to create a thriving community amongst our attendees before, during and even after the conference.

Doge, Chief Woofing Officer:

Wow chat. Much awesome.

Loved by our users

Gitter is nothing without the people using it day in and day out.

We asked a few what Gitter means to them, this is what they had to say. If you love Gitter, Tweet us @gitchat and we'll update these quotes every month.

Personal pricing


$0 Forever

  • Unlimited public rooms
  • 1 private room*
  • 2 weeks’ chat history

$2 monthly

  • Unlimited public rooms
  • Unlimited private rooms**
  • Unlimited chat history

Organisation pricing


$2 per user/month

  • Unlimited public rooms
  • Unlimited private rooms ***
  • 6 months’ chat history

$5 per user/month

  • Unlimited public rooms
  • Unlimited private rooms***
  • Unlimited chat history

* Our free plan includes one private room per organisation you belong to on GitHub

** Our Individual plan allows you to create private rooms using your personal account as the owner

*** Our organisation plans allow you to create private rooms using your GitHub organisation as the owner

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